What happens when your recycling leaves your residential curb side bin?

The City of Thompson collects residential recycling from single family homes using an automated collection vehicle. They use “Direct Collection” which means the use of municipal staff and vehicles for collection of materials. The material (recyclables) are then collected in one container and delivered to the Thompson Recycling Centre, this is referred to as “single stream collection.”

The recyclables are then dumped into a hopper and brought into the recycling centre building and dropped on a second conveyor to be processed.

Processing the material involves separating the materials by category, such as cardboard and plastics, from there any contaminates are removed and then the material is put into the baler. 

Once the material is baled it is weighed and stored in our cold storage building. Once there is enough bales we load a Gardewine trailer and ship the material to Winnipeg where it will be further processed and converted into new items.